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Cutting-Edge Innovation

Web Design & Development

I'm proud to offer clients the best website design solutions. I now use Wix Studio, a powerful platform that allows us to provide  clients with exceptional results. With Wix Studio, I can create high-end websites that will help your business grow.

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design & Branding

From my first job out of college at Guitar World Magazine, I was surrounded by talent for envisioning and creating designs. My B.S. in Marketing has given me a valuable understanding of how design and marketing can intersect to create truly effective campaigns.

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Designs That Rock

Impactful Colors

Colors play a significant role in web design, evoking different emotions and setting the overall tone for a website. When it comes to designing a website for a rock band, the color scheme can make or break the entire aesthetic. Black and purple are, in fact, good choices as they evoke feelings of mystery, power, and sophistication. These colors work well for a rock band that wants to be seen as edgy and bold.

Amplify your Message

Content Creation & Blogging

Jim Roberts is a top studio engineer with extensive experience in recording and producing Grammy Award winning artists including the likes of Kansas, Steve Walsh, and Leslie West of Mountain. He uses his website to showcase his work and connect with other music professionals. Thanks to his blog, Jim can share his unique experiences and insights with the world as it is connected to FB. One of the greatest features on the site is the ability to connect the groups the studio has produced to Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming platforms. This makes it easy for potential clients to find and access the studio’s work.

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Web Design as a Business Tool

“Ed has very strong creative skills but, even more importantly, he understands how all of the creative elements come together to drive your business. He is a pleasure to work with, knows his stuff, and has a nice style in how he suggests enhancements to your product. I strongly recommend Ed for anyone looking to build or rebuild a digital presence”.

-JIM ROBERTS (Producer/Engineer 5450 Studios)

Steve Walsh (Kansas), John Entwistle (The Who), AC/DC,

Joel Kosche (Collective Soul)

Crafting Digital Experiences

Video Design

Using an elegant video on your homepage can further enhance the appeal of your website, creating a memorable impression on visitors and setting the tone for the high quality of work they can expect from choosing your services.

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Set Up Shop

Selling Your Vision

We believe that having your own merch store is a valuable addition to your website. It's an easy and effective way to promote your brand and give your followers or customers the opportunity to own your products. Print-on-demand has made it easier than ever to sell products such as shirts, mugs, music, posters, journals, pens, crafts, and more. We also encourage you to sell your own e-books or digital products. With our help, it's easy to set up your own professional online store in no time.

Connecting through Creative Design

Suzuki Piano

Janine's website is the driving force behind her business as a Suzuki Piano Instructor in New York. It allows her to connect with potential students and showcase her skills to a wider audience.

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Digital Solutions for Performance

Financial Integrations

As a web designer for Tech City Music, I understand the importance of streamlining financial integrations into our website. With over 40 weekly students, we needed a system that could handle bookings, payments, scheduling, and rescheduling. Automating these processes not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in financial transactions. Direct deposits into our client's bank account are crucial to keeping their business running smoothly.

Web Design Puzzle

How to Integrate Everything

As a web designer, I faced a unique challenge on this project for the virtuoso guitarist. He excels at everything: as an active performer, recording artist, educator, author, and virtuoso jazz and classical guitarist at the world-class level. The challenge was to integrate everything neatly under one roof and create a website that reflects his diverse talents.

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